A Prayer for America, for Her Birthday

(a reinterpretation of a famed and beloved anthem by Katharine Lee Bates)

Purple Mountains Inadvertent Majesty

Oh it is so beautiful! You, Lord, have given us spacious skies and majestic mountains overlooking abundant fruitfulness. Oh America, my country! Lord God, shed Your grace on her — grace that opens her heart to You — and crown that heavenly good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea!

America is beautiful because You still lead pilgrims’ feet marching for true freedom through dark wildernesses thick with evil. Oh America, my country! Lord God, you are the Great Physician; mend her many flaws. Teach her self-control, that her freedoms may be validated. Rein in wanton liberties with truly just laws made and kept by just leaders.

What beauty surrounds me because You inspire heroes to die to self and to fight for liberty. Oh America, my country! God, refine our riches until all of our success — our treasure — is only nobleness. Help any gain that we enjoy be truly divine.

I see eternal beauty in my country because of the Patriots who have the wisdom to look beyond this earth. Thank You, God, for the leaders who truly see their citizenship as in that eternal city, and who lead us to look past earthly woes and to that glorious Day when You will fully awaken Your faithful ones. Oh America, my country! Lord God, shed Your grace of a repentant heart on her, and crown that heavenly good with true and holy brotherhood from sea to shining sea!

Make America beautiful in Your sight.