To the Church at ________

What would Jesus have to say to your church if He divinely penned a letter through a prophet today? Would it be mostly positive or negative?

True, there’s something to complain about at every church. Maybe it’s the service — it’s too early or too late. Too modern or too old fashioned.  The chairs are uncomfortable, or you wish you had chairs instead of pews. The lack of emphasis on reaching out specifically to (fill in the blank demographic so you can get a date) has you on the verge of visiting that giant church over the hill. Et cetera. Well, that’s not necessarily what I’m talking about.

In the book of Revelation, Jesus spends two of the earliest chapters addressing local churches by name. By nameThat’s so awesome, right? For the Lord Jesus Christ in all His glory, via revelation a venerated leader, to speak specifically to your church and to include that message in His Word? What an honor!

Well, not really, for most of the churches. Although most — not all — received some sort of commendation from Christ, most also received some very searing and pointed words that exposed the sins of the church. And, thereby, the sins of its individual members.

In studying Revelation, my husband and I have been reading a commentary by Warren W. Wiersbe. At one point, the author asks this question:

If there were a section of Revelation 2 written to your church, what would you be praised for? Accused of? Admonished to do?

We loved that question. It was tough, it was applicable, and as soon as we got into a discussion about our church, we immediately began pointing fingers at ourselves. Like I said, there’s something to complain about wherever you go. If those complaints are serious, heart-issue complaints (not merely musical taste or your butt’s comfort), then they’re worth evaluating seriously — Jesus sure did. But then it’s time to realize that you’re part of that church. What did Jesus say to the churches He reprimanded? “Repent.” Confess and change your behavior. Put feet to your own complaints and be part of the solution.

So what about you? What would Jesus say to YOUR church at _____? (Read: What would He say to YOU?)

Check out Revelation 2 and 3 for ideas.