My Favorite Things…. (and a cute baby as a bonus)

Longer video than I meant it to be, but it’s about some of my favorite things! You just might find something you’d love, too. 😉

And for the grandparents…

****Disclaimer for my “My Favorite Things” video: I stumbled over my words when talking about the book by Dr. Laura because I know that some people would prefer to read a book about marriage that is from the Christian perspective. This one is not, but I still found it to be biblical because the author is Jewish. I found it to be great because she’s very smart and very practical. I love this book, and I love Laura Schlessinger and her show. So if it in any way sounded like I didn’t, or if anything seemed negative related to her being Jewish, that wasn’t intentional. The fact is that I was already on my second take of this video, and I knew Bubs would wake up at any moment! Hope you get where I’m coming from. 😉