My Oracle for Dillon

Yesterday we dedicated our youngest son, Dillon, to God at a special service at our church. In years past, Pastor Bo led in dedicating our older boys, Bennett and Luke. On Bo’s last Sunday as our pastor, he also led in dedicating the littlest member of the Wade Brigade! Yesterday was special and emotional in so many ways.

In keeping with tradition, here is my oracle — my heart’s burden — for my Dillon Kyler.


Oh, my precious son of my womb, son of my vows!
You whom I would protect from every evil —
The world is big;
Temptations, strong;
Sin, easy.

It is not for you to follow the broad path.
The way of the crowd is the way of death.
No, my son.

You are named Faithful;
Your way is with Him.
He has shown you Goodness:
Do justly;
Love mercy;
Walk humbly with Him.
This is what the Lord requires of you.

You are named Little Warrior.
Your way is service;
Your way is bravery.
Your way is to follow The Way,
To pursue the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus,
And to bless many as you go.

This, Faithful Little Warrior, is your calling.
What an honor to mother you toward it.

My Oracle for Luke

This morning, we had Luke’s baby dedication at our church. It was such a sweet time for our family to pray over our littlest boy and over us as we publicly promise to teach him about, show him, and lead him to Jesus.

Four short years ago, when my biggest little boy was a baby, I was inspired by an oracle in Proverbs 31 that King Lemuel’s mother taught him. For Bennett’s dedication, I wrote him an oracle — my heart’s burden for him. Today, I shared my heart’s burden for Luke.



in Him is the light

the true light

the only light of life

but His people have not known Him

loving, clinging to darkness,

those made in His image reject Him

but He shines

and our darkness cannot overcome His light


not everyone hides

you, O my son, what about you?

son of my womb, son of my vows–

created for Light

named for Light

dedicated to Light–

know who you are!

leave foolishness for fools,

worldliness for the world

seek Wisdom,

Truth and Goodness

receive Him

believe in His name

cling to Him

and He will give you the right to be His,

not born merely of me,

but of our Majestic Messiah-God!

be a Light-receiver

and a Light-giver

O, my son,

join with those ancient and eternal citizens

who, with Him and for Him,



Proverbs 31:1-9

John 1:1-5, 9-13; 3:19-21

Matthew 5:14-16

My Oracle for Bennett

In my last post, I asked you what would be in your oracle, if you made one, for your child(ren). Well, I wrote one.

Now before some of you get excited, (“Oh! She’s a writer! I’ve never read one of her poems before!), let me caution you: I am not a poet. I don’t try to be a poet. My “poems” are ALWAYS totally free verse. It will be immediately obvious that any attempt at discovering meter or rhyme in this oracle is futile. So, this is just my oracle, so shaped to look like a poem at first glance. 😉

(And I plagiarized the first stanza.)

What, O my son?
And what, O son of my womb?
And what, O son of my vows?

Do not waste your life!
Do not squander your gifts and talents!
Give yourself to the Lord God Almighty;
Serve Him and love Him with all that you are.
There is no god beside Him,
And in Jesus alone is your salvation.

Be courageous in living and sharing your faith.
Do not be timid, but open your mouth!
Speak the truth, that more might be rescued!

Have integrity.
Do not speak and act so as to be seen and respected by mere man.

Love the Lord.
Be His faithful servant in the farthest corners of your heart.

Honor God.
Remember him even through the darkest watches of the night.

Be merciful.
Remember who you are and Who gives you your strength.

Again I say, do not waste your life!
Discover your gifts, and be a blessing to others.
As your name is Blessed, so be a blessing.


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