How My Love Loves Me – Day 9

1 Corinthians 13:5

Oh, my. I am so thankful that my Love doesn’t keep a list (that I know of!), because it would be LONG. Wouldn’t everyone’s? We all fail; we’re all selfish; we’re all thoughtless at one time or another. Thinking specifically over the last (almost) 8 years of marriage, though, I see many ways I’ve failed my husband.

I’ve been disrespectful. I’ve lacked common courtesy. I’ve snapped, snubbed, and sniffed. I’ve chosen to miss opportunities to show love and viewed them instead as unfair inconveniences. I’ve been really immature. I’ve hardened my heart and hurt his.

Although I would like to say I’ve come a long way since those early days, it wouldn’t take much effort to tally up ways I’ve done all of these things in the last month, or maybe even week! Yikes.

But my Love? He keeps on loving. He keeps on forgiving. You see, he know that this is what makes a marriage; this is what makes love love. If you hold on to the past and pile up hurts in your heart, all it does is crowd out your capacity to love. After a while, all you will have is hurt, and you end up alone – at least emotionally, and maybe even literally.

It takes real strength to open your heart and your arms and to truly forgive – again and again. Someone who loves like that is rare, because only a heart truly changed and filled by Jesus can give such grace. Wow, I should go kiss my husband now.

I love you, my Love!

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