How My Love Loves Me – Day 6

Love is NOT RUDE.
1 Corinthians 13:5

New American Standard says love does not act unbecomingly; NIV says it does not dishonor others.

I’m just going to get really honest here: Sometimes I am completely appalled at the way husbands and wives (mostly wives) talk about their spouses – in front of them! Of course it’s completely wrong to say hurtful things behind their backs, too, but doing it in front of them shows that the offender has zero interest in respecting them. I mean, if they would say THAT in public, how do they treat them in private?

This kind of sarcasm and “joking” has become the norm for many people, but let’s call a spade a spade. It’s RUDE. It’s UNBECOMING. It DISHONORS OTHERS. How is this love?

I’m deeply thankful I don’t have to wrestle with this question on a personal level. I have no doubt about where my Love stands on this, because he always honors me with his words. If he does joke about me or to me, (of course we joke around!), it is never about anything that would injure me or disrespect me. Because he knows me better than anyone, there’s certainly plenty he could say that would be true (maybe even funny), yet it would be hurtful or demeaning. He would never go there. Why? Because it’s rude, unbecoming, and dishonoring. He LOVES me. LOVE doesn’t behave this way, period.

I love you, my Love!

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