How My Love Loves Me – Day 5

1 Corinthians 13:4

True, this is pretty similar to yesterday’s assertion. However, while bragging and arrogance are similar and often related, they are not really the same thing. Bragging is openly making much of yourself through embellishment and boasting, but arrogance is an attitude of the heart that doesn’t always express itself verbally. I think that’s why the Apostle Paul listed them separately, and so this is why I also address them separately.

The arrogant person is focused on himself, or, more rightly, he’s focused on a puffed-up version of himself he created in his own mind. As such, his view of the world is distorted – his own fat head is in the way – and he is unable to truly love. Everything and everyone else has to squish in around his big head so that they even fit into his field of vision, but he’s still mostly loving himself.

To truly love is to focus not on yourself, but on the person you’re loving. My Love does this. You could say that he squishes everything else around my big head! Ha! More than that, however, is how he’s been an example to me in his relationships with others. While my heart will rage against unfairness on his behalf, he will just humbly serve. While I see that he doesn’t deserve to be treated a certain way, or pressured to do this or that when something else seems more important, he simply responds in love and kindness without a second thought.

I don’t think I’ve ever known him to say no to someone because of something he needed to do for himself instead.

I also don’t think I know anyone else (especially including myself) that I could make that same statement about.

Of course, the funny thing is that he really has so many gifts, talents, skills, and accomplishments that it would be nearly understandable if he were a little arrogant. That he is not is what makes him such an amazing gift to me and to our son; he teaches us so much.

I love you, my Love!

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