“Frame Your Heart to the Burden” (from Elisabeth Elliot)

I know I’m cheating twice now by posting something I didn’t write, but this is just too good!

Many things laid on us by life, by circumstances — let’s face it — by the Lord Himself, are not at all to our own liking. We complain that they do not fit. They weigh us down, hem us in, frustrate, annoy, destroy. They are the cause of wipeout, freak-out, burnout, dropout. 
But those are excuses. The truth is we do not want them. They were not in our plan. It is resentment of the burdens, not the burdens themselves, that destroys us. It is the unwillingness to shoulder them in company with Christ. 
But there is another way. 
Samuel Rutherford wrote, “How sweet a thing were it for us to make our burdens light by framing our hearts to the burden and making our Lord’s will a law.” Get under the load gladly. “This needs to be carried by someone — I’ll carry it, Lord, with You.” That attitude — that “frame of heart,” we could call it, will radically change both us and the burden. We’ll be amazed at its featherweight. 
“Take my yoke,” said Jesus. “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matt. 11:29-30, KJV). 
Source: The Music of His promises: Listening to God with Love, Trust, and Obedience by Elisabeth Elliot

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