A Scribe’s Adventure

A dear friend of mine, Amanda, recently shared with me what she calls her “Hand Copying the Bible Adventure.” And I totally ripped off her idea and changed the name.

It was through Good Morning Girls about a year ago that I really gave copying Scripture a try. I loved the approach of writing a few verses in my journal and then writing a response to it. This approach slowed me down, helped me focus, and revealed things to me I’d easily overlooked in the past. Since I’d had such success and enjoyment with this Bible study approach, why not jump in with both feet? I’m gonna be a scribe!

Amanda started in Genesis, which completely makes sense, but I’m starting in Matthew, which maybe doesn’t make sense. The truth is that whenever I choose a book to study, I never, EVER choose a Gospel. I don’t know if that’s because I just think I 100_3214already know it or what, but the fact is that I don’t know it well enough. Because I want to get to know my Savior better, I have chosen the Gospel According to Matthew. I don’t know if I will continue in order from there or jump around, but I’m here for a while!

I am telling you about this in case you’re interested in something similar — I’ll tell you my method in a moment — and also because I want to give you a heads up that I will occasionally be posting some of my thoughts and commentary as I journey through this Scribe’s Adventure!

Here are my materials and methods:

  • Complete Jewish Bible, chosen because of its unfamiliar translation and Jewish (not Anglicized) proper nouns. This helps keep my brain from going on auto-pilot.
  • A composition book. I only write on the front of the pages because it looks prettier.
  • I write in cursive, because it’s nicer-looking.
  • I use a blue, ball-point pen, because it is my favorite.
  • I do as much as I want every day. It seems to be about half a chapter or less so far, because I often have so much I want to journal about from just a short section that moving on would take too much time.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy my thoughts as I journey along.

6 thoughts on “A Scribe’s Adventure

  1. Now you’re making me want to start all over again from scratch with the Complete Jewish Bible! Seeing as how I have finished Genesis and Exodus, though, I am sticking with my HCSB. Perhaps I could do the Torah in HCSB and then switch to other translations for the subsequent sections of Scripture. That would be a nice change of pace. Also, the main reason why I am going in order is because I don’t start with a new composition book when I start a new book of the Bible. When I finished Exodus, I started Leviticus on the same page. If I leap forward to the New Testament, then I have no idea if Matthew would have started its on notebook or if it would have continued in the one with Malachi. I’m just too OCD. I also really struggled with copying in the standard book order or going in chronological order. When I finished Genesis 11 and had to choose to go to 12 or start in Job, I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I still am bothered a bit that I didn’t opt for the chronological route, but I also don’t want to start all over again.

    • Well, and the CJB is not in our Protestant Bible order, so that would just REALLY mess you up! Haha!

      I know what you mean about starting in a new composition book, but I figured I would probably start a new one for the New Testament anyway. Who knows. Justin was like, “So are you really going to stick with this for the whole Bible? For like, years and years?” Haha well, that’s the plan. šŸ˜‰ I LOVE it!

      Also, do you write on the backs of the pages? And I’m OCD about lots of things in my copying, like indentations and how to denote OT quotes, etc. I keep making mistakes and making myself mad, though! Hence the reason I use pencil for my journals! Ah, the eraser has become a crutch, apparently…

      • Yes, I write on the back, but I have always liked the feeling of my handwriting on both sides of the page. It seems like I wouldn’t with how picky I can be, but I find the texture pleasant. I, too, am particular about the indentations, etc., so I keep white out tape nearby when I copy. I write almost exclusively in pen, so white out tape and I are bosom friends.

        I’m so glad you’re loving it! It truly is one of the most relaxing and peaceful disciplines I have ever done. I feel like I’m sinking into the Father’s arms as I copy, though I will admit that Leviticus’ descriptions of how to handle the sacrifices is rather gross. I am not looking forward to copying His laws about mildew or other unseemly topics…

        • Haha! What about the genealogies? They’re pretty rough in Jewish forms — the beginning of Matthew 1 was tough!

          And I can’t stand white out or white out tape. As angry as strike-throughs make me, white out is even worse. Ew.

          • I messed up several times in the genealogies in Genesis. Oh my word. All those names with letters in an order that is uncommon in English! I had to slow down a lot to form my letters neatly and correctly, and I still messed up and the margin of those lines is awful. I hope to have better success with future genealogies.

            Also, your penmanship is lovely.

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