Seattle/Portland Travel Journal Day 8

August 11, 2013

Okay, yesterday was too long and too exhausting to stay up and journal about! When it was all said and done, we didn’t get home until about 1 a.m.! I’ve been pooped all day. But back to yesterday: Justin had a half day of conferencing left, so Bennett and I decided to go to church! We got all packed up and checked out of the hotel, and visited a church in Portland called Mosaic. It was so nice to worship and hear preaching from the Word. I regret to say that during my whole trip, I only cracked open my Bible once before that church service. With so much going on and so little free/alone time, it wasn’t as easy to prioritize Bible study as it is at home, so joining in this service was refreshing! A funny and completely unspiritual observation at this church: shoes. I have a very practical reason for this observation, and that is because I had a crisis of outfits that morning due to a (completely not-scandalous) wardrobe malfunction that left me with two choices: really dressy complete with very high heels, or really a bit too casual with Old Navy flip-flops. I opted for the 2nd, knowing I might feel underdressed, but I thought I’d be more uncomfortable — in more ways than one — if I dressed up. Turns out that I chose correctly. I was underdressed, but I laughed to myself as I glanced around. I did not observe a single pair of heels anywhere! Most people were wearing sensible and sturdy sandals or flats. It says a lot about their culture as compared to what I’m used to in North Texas; they bike and walk regularly as a main form of transportation, so sensible shoes make sense! I would have felt exceptionally out of place being so dressed up! Anyway, I enjoyed my visit and felt warmly welcomed. After church, Bennett and I picked up Justin, ate lunch, and headed to Powell’s City of Books again! I was so excited to go back! This time, I actually shopped for myself instead of only chasing B around the kids’ section — although there was plenty of that, too — and I bought a book I’ve wanted for a long time: The Journals of Jim Elliot. (I’m super-excited about it!) After a shorter visit to the bookstore than I would have liked — ha! — we headed for the Portland airport. At the rental car return, we learned that even the minimal coverage we purchased would be enough to keep us from having to pay for the slight damage to the vehicle due to the run-in with a building earlier int he trip, so that was a relief! The flight home — which was thankfully non-stop — went fairly well. Bennett did pretty well overall, and our seatmate was a bonus. She had the window seat and she was 13 years old, on her way to visit family in Allen. She just loved Bennett and kept him entertained off and on during the flight! So glad she wasn’t annoyed. Anyway, it was a long wait for luggage and expectedly inconvenient to get to our car in remote parking with tons of stuff and a tired and confused toddler at midnight, but we made it! So glad I decided to drag the kid along and join Justin on this trip! It wasn’t always easy or convenient to haul around a 1-year-old, but it was so worth it. He did awesome, because he is awesome! I love my family, and I’m so glad we got to make these memories together!



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