Seattle/Portland Travel Journal Day 6

August 9, 2013

So I am officially “that” hotel guest that everyone on staff probably knows about! It started off as completely not my fault. Remember the small fridge they brought in for us? Well, I found out this morning that it wasn’t cooling — after leaving $30 worth of new groceries in it overnight, including a quart of milk for Bennett’s bottles. We were already running late this morning after the alarm either didn’t go off or we didn’t hear it, so we had to really rush to get Justin to this conference semi-on time. When we told the front desk what happened, they went out of their way to make it right, arranging to replace the refrigerator and milk free of charge. (We didn’t mention the rest of the food — I just needed a bottle of milk for B right away!) So, that was great. However, after dropping Justin off and returning to our room, Bennett was driving me crazy with the refrigerator. I had pulled it out of the coat closet to make it easier to move out quickly and replace. Bennett thought it was an awesome toy, which it’s not, so I decided to just push it out into the hallway. That’s when it happened — CLICK! I didn’t have my foot as far back behind me as I’d thought, so I didn’t catch the door before it swung tightly closed. I was locked out, while my one-year-and-one-day-old walking toddler was locked in! I instinctively wanted to stay by the room and yell for someone to come help me, but I quickly realized that it didn’t matter if I was just outside the door or in China — my child was still unsupervised and out of my reach — so I got to the lobby (barefoot) as fast as I could. I apologized as I cut in line and calmly but quickly explained to the girl what happened. She asked for my room number, name, and address, and then eyed me warily. She said it wasn’t the right address! I repeated the room number, and she said she was showing an address on Madison — which is not my address. She said she’d have to call security. I understood that, but she took an incoming call first — ugh! I waited patiently, but ready to object if she found another task to do before calling. Thankfully, she didn’t, and a gentleman came quickly to help me, no questions asked. As we walked, I explained in more detail about what happened, how I was moving the fridge out, and he said, “Oh, you must be the one whose milk went bad?” Oh great! If everyone knew about that, which was not my fault, surely all of Portland must know I’m also the one who locks her baby alone in a hotel room because she’s too dumb to either keep the key in her possession or to prop open the door! I’m so embarrassed and mad at myself about the whole thing. Thankfully, Bennett didn’t seem to notice that he was alone for about 5 minutes. He was standing next to the office chair, spinning it around when the security guard opened the door for me. Bennett just glanced up at me like, “Oh hey, Mom. Did you know this chair spins around?” Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my badge to come in the mail, labeling me as either the dumbest mom on earth for August 9, 2013, or at least the most irresponsible! While the day did improve, I was forgetful at every turn! Between forgetting sunglasses for the zoo and  forgetting to bring the dinner I packed for the baby to the restaurant, I was just a mess! Despite my best efforts to ruin the day, we did go on to have fun! We picked up Justin for lunch and then went to the Oregon Zoo. The weather was gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever been to the zoo without being miserably hot, so this was a treat! Bennett seemed to enjoy his first zoo trip. He liked the fish and the penguins — anything where he could be right up to the glass and the animals were really obvious. At one point, we had him right next to a sleeping cheetah, and he got really excited when it woke a bit to lick its paw. Otherwise, he just enjoyed the stroll outside, with little regard for giraffes or elephants! One thing we really enjoyed about this zoo was the minimal commercialism. Usually there are kiosks at every turn offering every type of animal-related junk you could think of. At this zoo, however, there is a ton of vegetation offering shade and a peaceful atmosphere. There was very little in the way of junk! We really had a good time, even though we were surprised at the small size of the park. I went in fully expecting to only see part of the zoo since we had a young toddler in tow, but we easily saw all the exhibits in just a few hours. It was great! Bennett napped in the car on the way back to the hotel, and then we walked two blocks to Red Robin for dinner. (And that’s when I realized I’d forgotten Bennett’s meal — ugh!) It was a mess of a day, but we still had a great time, and we’re all safe and sleepy tonight. That’s always a good ending to a day in my book! 


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