Seattle/Portland Travel Journal Day 5

August 8, 2013

This morning was a little rough as I was trying to get everything together to leave because Bennett was a huge grump and really clingy! Then of course, it seemed like nothing was going right at all. We were about 20 minutes down the highway before my attitude adjusted! Thankfully, traffic was not too bad, even though we left about 15 minutes later than scheduled. The drive was pleasant, and we arrived in Portland in plenty of time to get checked in and have a sandwich before Justin had to go to his conference. Although I had hoped to have a fun afternoon with Bennett in a nearby park, he took a seriously long nap, and we only had time to stop in at Safeway for a few essentials before picking up Justin for dinner! But, I got to spend a good amount of time online learning about Portland and what there is to do, so that’s a plus! Anyway, we picked up Justin and drove about six blocks to the Pearl District and ate dinner at Jake’s Famous Crawfish. At the hostess  stand, they were talking to Bennett and asking him how he was, and Justin told them it was his first birthday. They gave him a free stuffed crawfish toy! So now Bennett has two souvenirs from his first vacation! In any event, the food was great. Bennett and I had seafood fettuccine with scallops and shrimp, and Justin had dungeness crab cakes. We were all stuffed and happy! After 100_3123100_3125dinner, we walked to Powell’s City of Books, which was a paradise. It’s 68,000 square feet: nine rooms, four floors, one entire city block of books. It’s the world’s largest used and new bookstore, and I want to move in. At the very least, I want to pack it all up and move it to Texas! That’s about all we did today. Before I close, however, I’d like to talk about our lodging in Seattle (actually Edmonds) and in Portland. In Seattle, we decided to save a little money and stay in Travelodge. It’s funny because our travel agent really advised against it and wanted us to stay somewhere nicer, but this is pretty much how we roll; we prefer to spend our vacation money on experiences instead of on fancy hotels. It certainly wasn’t amazing, that Travelodge, but it met all of our needs perfectly. There was a kitchenette perfect for making baby food, and we also got free breakfast with lots of choices. And I already wrote about how much Bennett loved it! Still, I was excited to get to Portland because we decided to splurge on a really nice hotel — the DoubleTree. It is of superior quality in just about every way, to be sure, but all three of us think our old room better suited to our needs! Bennett is far from excited about this room — in fact, he cries every time we walk into it! It’s a much smaller room, with less counter space, less reliable internet, breakfast for sale, and no kitchenette! There’s a small fridge only because we requested one — they brought it to us, and there’s no good place to put it! Oh and there’s not a tub, only a shower. It will be an adventure bathing Bennett tomorrow! While we are definitely more comfortable and feel cleaner and safer from unseen bugs and bodily fluids, we find it hilarious that Travelodge met our needs better than the DoubleTree (which should be named DoubleThePrice)! C’est la vie!


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