Seattle/Portland Travel Journal Day 1

A note to my zillions of readers out there: This series is predominantly for people who know me personally and who are really interested in a detailed answer to the question, “How was your trip?” Memory fails me very quickly — so quickly that I had a hard time remembering what we did in Seattle once we got to Portland a few days later, so I figured that keeping a journal would help me recall what I actually enjoyed or didn’t enjoy, and then I could give a real answer to the question. If this doesn’t interest you, fear not! I was only out of town for about a week. This series won’t last forever, and I hope you’ll be back when it’s over! ♥

August 4, 2013

I am writing from Edmonds, Washington! We spent the day flying, first to Houston, (which makes so much sense), and then to 100_2996Seattle. We plan to do a little sight-seeing over the next few days and then go to a Mariners game Wednesday. Thursday morning we’re driving to Portland and then Justin will be attending a conference all weekend. As for today, it was long and a little stressful. Flying a total of 6 hours with a one-year-old is no picnic. However, it wasn’t too bad! I tried to come prepared with stuff to occupy him, and he mostly did pretty well. He surprised me by falling asleep on the plane, but that only lasted about 30 minutes, I’d say. For being confined to a small space and essentially missing both naps, he did awesome! And he loves our motel room! He was running around shrieking and cracking up. Now that we’re off the plane, I guess, Bennett loves vacation! And for dinner, we walked across the street to this Korean restaurant. We had no idea what to order, so we asked the server. Several people helped take care of our table. They were super helpful and nice, and one lady in particular just loved Bennett! that was kind of the theme of the day, actually; everyone just thought he was so cute. (I mean, of course he is!) Anyway, and earlier I stopped at Safeway — didn’t know those even still existed — and I had several conversations with random people there. That happens to me a lot these days because of Bennett, but he wasn’t with me! It just seems that the people of Seattle — or at least of Edmonds — are really friendly! I like it here a lot. I love that it’s 80 degrees in August, and that there are evergreen trees everywhere. I just like the feel of this place so far. Tomorrow, we hike!


Addendum: I just remembered as I typed this from my journal that at the Korean restaurant, they made Bennett a special soft tofu soup. The waitress said, “It’s very healthy for babies.” It looked gross, but B loved it! I tried it, and it was actually pretty good. I think it was broth-based, and there was also some white rice in it. She made it special just for him, and we didn’t get charged for it. We loved that restaurant! 

4 thoughts on “Seattle/Portland Travel Journal Day 1

  1. Angela! Are you still here? I am just outside Portland!!! Cal me if you are still in town!!!!

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