Year One Birthday Letter

100_2867Dear Bennett,

You are turning one today! Can it be true? I remember when you were the size of a tiny poppy seed in my tummy, and now here you are—such a big guy! Even though the time went by so fast, I have had so much fun watching you learn and grow this year!

Can you believe that you already have EIGHT teeth? I am pretty sure that you regularly eat more than I do, but maybe that’s because you use up so much energy practicing your walking. (You’re getting better at it every day!) You’ve also had more haircuts than Mommy recently—two in two months!—and your hair has turned from brown to blond! Oh, and those blue eyes you used to have are such a perfect shade of light brown now.

I love that you love books and hugs and head-bonks, and what could be more fun than watching you wrestle with Daddy? Peek-a-boo is one of your favorite games—you’re definitely a pro. Speaking of games, you’re already learning how to play catch! We’ve also discovered that playing the piano is one of your favorite pastimes, and that you love listening to music and shakin’ First Year Pictures Eternal Stories-1007your bootie to the beat! One last thing: since you were very little, you’ve always had a lot to say. Now you’re getting better at different sounds, and you even say, “DadaDA” and “Mmmma!” Both of these bring huge smiles to our faces!

Without a doubt, you are the very best baby I know, and I’m so thankful for you. My son, my blessing from God, you are truly a miracle. I love you with all my heart, always and forever!


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