Embarking on Year Two of Homemaking

Yesterday, I shared with you lessons I learned in my first year of homemaking. Lest you run the risk of thinking that I’m Holly Homemaker, with everything figured out and wearing high heels and pearls as I chase my 10-month-old, I wanted to share with you just a few things that I still really suck at (sorry that’s not kid-friendly language, but I doubt any toddlers are reading this…). So, this is that list. And I suppose it’s a goal-setting post as well, because no one wants to keep sucking at things, right? Here we go:

This is a biggie, so that’s why it’s first. Shortly after I was cleared for exercise following my C-section recovery, I started P90x. It was awesome and really, really hard. But I lost weight FAST (nursing helped a lot with this, too), and was gaining muscle tone and endurance. I was so happy with how things were going, but then everything just derailed. As my little one got more mobile and also started sleeping less during the day, and as I started prioritizing Bible study, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, and keeping my house clean, it just became impossible to continue P90x. I have to figure something out, though. I’m turning into the pillsbury doughmom.

Limiting computer use
This seems silly in light of my lament above, but let me explain. I use the computer mostly while I’m nursing my son to sleep in the afternoon, and at times when he is really just into playing on his own and rejects me as a playmate! Sadly, I am too easily sucked into Facebook. I love looking at people’s pictures, following links to blogs and articles that interest, inspire, or infuriate me, and just generally seeing what people are up to. And everyone loves notifications, be honest. So what is a somewhat limited approach to computer use becomes a more frequent check-in just to see if I have notifications, and then, oh, let me scroll down just a bit and see what people are up to, and now I’m on the computer again when I didn’t plan to be. I really like the blogs Hands Free Mama and The Unplugged Family, and ironically, reading them has really kicked my butt back into being more strict with computer use for about a week now. If you see me on Facebook, please treat me with grace — I’m working on it! I’m trying to find ways to use my time wisely while still being able to keep a close eye on my little one, and I’m also keeping in mind that I don’t want him to be obsessed with the computer. I need to model the behavior I desire to see in him; that’s Teaching 101!! I’ve got this!

Getting out of the house
Yesterday, I emphasized having a routine. There are two caveats: First, if you have a newborn, forgetaboutit. Just sleep as much as you can and try to squeeze in showers every other day! Second, the schedule is there to serve you, and not the other way around! I have to remind myself of that. Whenever I want or need to get out of the house, I’m already thinking ahead to when the baby will be sleepy or hungry, which is obviously good and responsible. It’s not the best idea to leave 20 minutes before he’s supposed to take a nap. However, there is always something coming up in the schedule. If it’s not nap time, it’s snack time. If it’s not snack time, it’s lunch time. If it’s not lunch time, it’s time to nurse. (My baby is kind of a bottomless pit.) Since something’s always coming up within the next 30 minutes, I often don’t want to mess with packing up snacks or whatever, so we just stay in. Well, I have a feeling that my little boy might be all critters and baseball and dirt like his daddy, so I need to do my part in not confining him to the house. How boring for a little boy anyway! We need to get out into the wide world, meeting people and getting our toes dirty. (Personally, I’m not usually itching to get out of the house, because I like it. It’s homey. It has all my stuff. But I’d like for my kid to learn to be friendlier than I am, and I need to get out there and be friendlier, too!)

This goes along with the previous point. My church participates monthly at a food pantry during the day, but I’ve never gone. Part of this is because nap time is in the middle of it, and part of it is because I wonder how much serving I can actually get done with an almost-toddler on my hip. So I’ve never gone. Also, my church has periodic movie nights in a nearby neighborhood to reach out to young families. They usually start around dinner time, and it’s pretty close to the time we start winding the baby down for bed. So I’ve never gone to that, either. I believe very strongly that my primary ministry is to my family, and I know that discipling my son and loving and encouraging my husband is a very worthy calling. As a homemaker, pretty much my entire life is serving. Somehow, though, I just feel like I should be serving others outside my family as well, and outside of my church family. The poor. The unsaved. The least of these, as it were. Right now, I’m doing zero. Well, that’s not true. I’m praying a lot, which is the very best thing I can do. And now I’ve encouraged myself! But still, food for thought.

That’s what I’ve got for now, and it is by far not everything I suck at. These are just my top things. Prayers appreciated. 😉

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