Kid-Friendly Language





I really don’t want my little kid saying any of these words, but I say them sometimes without thinking. I’ve been using this year of infant-hood to practice replacing these undesirable terms with sweeter words, words that are cute coming from a two-year-old. Frankly, I don’t want him saying, “Crap!” when he drops a Cheeto on the ground. That’s not even slightly cute. I’d much rather him say, “Aw, nuts!” Now isn’t that cute? Yep.

And does it suck? Nope. It’s a bummer.

Is that his butt? Nope. Bottom.

Fart? Oh no. He doesn’t fart, and neither does anyone else. The best word is toot. (And then we say excuse me. I’m already working on that with him every time he toots!)

These are all much sweeter and more toddler-appropriate terms, and frankly, they sound a lot nicer coming out of my mouth than the previous words anyway! This isn’t much of a post, but it was on my mind. So what words would you have to or have you had to eliminate from your vocabulary when hanging out with little ones?

4 thoughts on “Kid-Friendly Language

  1. LOL – the trouble with two-year olds? You only need to say it once and it’s in their new and rapidly expanding word bank. It might have been 3 weeks ago when you slipped up, but he/she will choose the moment and use it when there is an audience. Don’t sweat – none of us are perfect!

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