Make a Difference on National Missing Children’s Day

Two hundred thousand children are abducted by family members every year. There are many reasons for this — every story is unique — and some reasons can be compelling. Still, the data collected from parentally-abducted kids participating in Take Root is clear: Being taken away from a parent has a profound and often detrimental effect on the child that can become a life-long struggle for him or her. It doesn’t matter what the taking parent’s reasons were.

One of the major problems in missing child recovery is the lack of information and resources available to families after a child is found. After years of being a support system for adults who were once missing kids and speaking out on behalf of missing children, Take Root has a very exciting opportunity to make a difference in countless lives. (Maybe not countless. Potentially as many as 200,000 every year!) Their latest initiative is an online learning lab called Kid Gloves, and it “will provide self-paced online training and tools to families in the process of recovery.”

Kid Gloves is based on research conducted on people like me (and including me). It’s like advice from missing kids to parents of missing kids. What could possibly be more practical or more helpful?

You can help, too. This initiative costs money, and Take Root is a small, non-profit organization. Would you consider donating a few dollars to help little boys and girls like me? It could change a child’s life.

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“Finding a missing child is called making a recovery, but being found is really just the very first step on a long and difficult road. It’s often not the happy ending people imagine.” – Melissa Haviv, Executive Director Take Root

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