Identity Rupture

How many people do you know who were abducted as a child? I never met any. I have always felt isolated and unique — not in a good way — in my experiences. In a low moment several years back,  when my husband was away for work, or something, I started looking on the internet for information about parental abduction, and I was quickly directed to Take Root‘s site. It is a group that offers support and encouragement to former missing children who are now adults. There’s no other group like it that I know of; every member was abducted as a child. I read and watched testimonies of people that absolutely floored me. Although I was staring at the computer screen, looking at strangers in a video, the words coming out of their mouths told my story. It completely wrecked me.

I had never encountered ANYONE with my story. I had always felt completely alone and, despite others’ good intentions, completely misunderstood.

Total relief and validation filled my spirit as tears poured down my face. I wasn’t alone. Other people knew what it was like to be taken from family. To be taught to lie to teachers and, well, to everybody. To be given a new name and a new birthday. To be scared of the police. To be on the move all the time. That floored me.

Before I continue with more of my experiences related to being “missing,” I would like to share this amazing post by the director of Take Root. Please read it, and know that you are reading my story:

Click here → Identity Rupture

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