Someone is Turning One!

This year went by so fast! I’ve learned and grown so much, and my life is so different than it was a year ago! Tomorrow is my blog’s birthday, and I’m sure she’s awfully excited about it. 😉

Last May, I coincided the launch of this site with the upcoming observance of National Missing Children’s Day, and I told some of my story in increments. You see, I was a missing child. I was on Unsolved Mysteries. I was on bulletin boards at grocery stores. That was me for eight years — eight very formative years of my childhood. From the age of four until I was twelve, I was “missing.”

Because this blog is about me, I felt like that was a good place to start. My identity is forever imprinted by my experiences — as is yours by your own. Since that series, I haven’t written much on here about this aspect of my life, and there are a few reasons for that. The most practical reason is that, although my childhood experiences profoundly impacted me, I don’t think about them every day. I try to learn from the past, but not dwell in it. Another reason is that it’s hard to write about. Sometimes emotionally difficult, but it’s also just difficult to compose a blog post that expresses what I want to say to my satisfaction. I have several drafts about my experiences related to being “missing” that have been in draft status for months and months, and may always be that way. A third reason is that I want my words to be helpful to others and glorifying to God. Not everything I think and feel is either of those things, so much doesn’t get published.

Still, I have felt that I have more to say. National Missing Children’s Day is upon us again (May 25), and it has me thinking of what to share next. This article in particular has given me some direction, and so I will be sharing more this week. Stay tuned!

(In the meantime, you can catch my childhood story here.)

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