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This is from a sweet friend I met in Haiti. She is an inspiration of what truly following Christ looks like!

Faith. Hope. Love.

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Since my trip to Haiti in November 2011, I’ve been going crazy. I’ve been wanting, NEEDING, to go back. I miss the people, the atmosphere, the love and hope I found there, despite the devastation.

Last year, I wrote a blog post about the “Gift” of Restlessness (you can read it here: I’ve been frustrated lately because, to my dismay, my “itch” has been left unscratched. My itch to return to Haiti has spread from just my back to my entire body. I’ve been so incredibly restless. However, in God’s perfect timing, just when I was starting to feel like restlessness was indeed a curse rather than a gift, He proved otherwise.

I sit here now and count down the days until June when I FINALLY get to return to Haiti as a Project Leader for Adventures In Missions. Not only do I get to return to Haiti, but I get to lead others in building meaningful…

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