Crying Over Spoiled Milk

Some of you who are my Facebook friends may remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted this status:

All my frozen milk for Bennett is spoiled. Months and months of it. I’m SO UPSET! 😦

And I was. Due to a forgotten-about power outage days or weeks before in the middle of the night, the milk had apparently thawed and re-frozen, spoiling somewhere in that process. It was so heart-breaking, and I cried for about ten minutes and moped for about two hours! So many friends posted sweet and supportive comments because they knew what a loss it was to me and to Bennett. I had worked hard for that milk,  and re-establishing that freezer stash was such a daunting task since I just don’t have a lot of “extra” milk supply anymore. I was bummed!

After doing some research about a natural supplement that’s supposed to help with milk supply (fenugreek), I headed out with Bubs to the Vitamin Shoppe to get it. On the way there, “At Your Name” (below) was playing in my car. I was immediately flooded with conviction about my pity-party. All of creation is subject our great God — He can handle something so very small as my milk supply, so I needed to quit worrying about it! Besides, regardless of the emotional attachment I have to nursing and my strong feelings about how much better it is for my baby, I was also forgetting how extremely blessed I am to live in America. There are women in the world who, if their supply was in serious trouble (which mine wasn’t at all!), would be legitimately worried for their baby’s survival. Obviously, that’s not the case with us. So, I got the supplement, God provided, and we’re well on our way to re-establishing that freezer supply. Such a weird way to be reminded of God’s sovereignty, right? (Hey Angela, just so you know, at My Name, the mountains shake and crumble, the oceans roar and tumble, and angels bow down. I can most definitely handle your little milk ducts.)

God was so good! Really. What a silly situation for God to be so kind to me (you know, compared to all the other issues on earth). It was just really crazy. Miraculous? I don’t know, but it sure felt like it! What a sweet way to experience God’s lovingkindness. He didn’t have to do that. Not that He ever has to do anything He does for us, but He just REALLY didn’t have to do that. Sure, you could try to attribute my experience to the vitamin supplement alone, but it’s important to note that I saw a difference before I even started taking it–so there. 😛

I just wanted to update you since my woe-is-me status update. God deserves all the praise!

Be a Blessing.

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