TDOT: Day Sixteen

I am thankful:

  1. For the “Moby” wrap Rebecca and her mom made for Bubs and me! It’s always been too hot to wear it out when I’ve wanted to, until today! Bubs happily snoozed as I tootled around Target, Michael’s, and Office Max this afternoon! He loved it, and I sure loved NOT lugging the car seat around. It’s getting so heavy! (More rightly put, HE’s getting so heavy!)
  2. For such a great community of mommies that are just a step ahead of me in this game. It’s so great to get advice! Most recent was from Alison, who confirmed a suspicion I had, but brushed off that maybe my little one is teething already. He hasn’t been sleeping or napping much the last three days, he’s been extra slobbery, and he’s been chewing on his hands a LOT. I felt his gums, but can’t tell anything. She said it could still be the problem, and to try teething tablets. We’ll see if they help! Even if that’s not it, at least I have the medicine for later!
  3. That I got to take a shower. Now, this is not exactly a novelty on normal days when he naps, but it is a novelty if Bennett is as wide awake and cranky as he’s been the past few days. He sat in his bouncy seat this morning and let me shower AND shave without having to hurry! What a treat. 😀
  4. That my friend, Amanda, volunteered to get a box of Huggies diapers for me with two coupon deals on top of a store sale! That’s the best, because I don’t go to that grocery store ever, and I hate Pampers. We’re having at least one blow-out per day over here in the Pampers I very stupidly bought just because they were on sale. Gross!

What are you thanking the Lord for today? 

4 thoughts on “TDOT: Day Sixteen

  1. Oh, I see you had your baby in Target too! Yes, like I said, you can try a ring sling when the weather gets hot again, much more cool because it’s less fabric. I made a tutorial on how to make one 🙂 So funny about the shower too. We always all go in together to the shower. Somehow it works, but I rarely get time to shave my legs!

      • Hmmm… very carefully, those slippery little noodles. Maybe because it’s #2, I’m not as worried about dropping her. And, partially, because it’s so fast and easy when myself and the girls need to get clean. I turn the shower on, have her in the bouncer without her clothes on, then when I’m done washing myself, I pick her up, wash her (she loves the shower, hated the tub, that’s another reason), then put her back in the bouncer with a towel around her and then dry myself off. It took a few times to finesse the procedure, but it works well now!

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