My Favorite Things…. (and a cute baby as a bonus)

Longer video than I meant it to be, but it’s about some of my favorite things! You just might find something you’d love, too. 😉

And for the grandparents…

****Disclaimer for my “My Favorite Things” video: I stumbled over my words when talking about the book by Dr. Laura because I know that some people would prefer to read a book about marriage that is from the Christian perspective. This one is not, but I still found it to be biblical because the author is Jewish. I found it to be great because she’s very smart and very practical. I love this book, and I love Laura Schlessinger and her show. So if it in any way sounded like I didn’t, or if anything seemed negative related to her being Jewish, that wasn’t intentional. The fact is that I was already on my second take of this video, and I knew Bubs would wake up at any moment! Hope you get where I’m coming from. 😉

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things…. (and a cute baby as a bonus)

  1. Great list!

    For anyone who isn’t in the market for a new Bible, they can look up the keywords in the same way at Just search for the passage you’re reading and select one of the Strong’s Numbers versions (KJV or NASB) from the drop down menu. I use this site all the time.

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