A Late October Morning

Despite the thick, warm air hanging in the room, which keeps the house more than comfortable, an icy intruder makes me shiver. That unmistakable cold crouching close to the floor, creeping along the walls, crowding the windows, reminding me that summer is over and gone; the winter has come. S’mores and salted caramel hot chocolate and sweaters and boots and frosty noses and Christmas. Christmas is coming.

Christmas is coming! Crap! There are so many presents to buy. What could I possibly get for him; he’s impossible to buy for!? And last year I got that for her, how could I top that? Oh and she got me something last year, but I didn’t get her anything — what a terrible predicament! Now I need to get her something, but what if she decides that since I didn’t get her anything last year, then she doesn’t need to get me anything, and so then she’ll end up in the same predicament this year that I was in last year? Then what of next year? Will we both then decide not to get anything for the other, or will we both give, thus creating a gift-giving tradition for the foreseeable future? 

And what about family? When do we see whom? There’s my parents, and then my parents, and then his parents, and then coordinating everything with exes and when the children will be around. And don’t get me started on Santa… at least Bennett’s too young still to get into any fights with people about it. And, oh my gosh I’m not ready.

Summer is over and gone. But why? What happened to the hot dogs and happy hour strawberry limeades and spaghetti straps and flip-flops and flushed cheeks and the Fourth of July?


That first month in Texas where the cool air breaches the borders at twilight and makes pumpkins grin. It’s over. We have one of the longest, hottest summers in the world, and still I mourn its passing every year because I know that Texas’ autumn is so short. Forget fall color; what didn’t already turn brown with the yearly drought will simply shrivel up, uncurl its fingers from its life-giving branch, and let go. And then Christmas.

But for a few more days, it’s October. Where you’re warm and cold all at the same time. And I sure love Texas in October.

2 thoughts on “A Late October Morning

  1. This was a fabulous post!! I love how you wrote about the passing of summer – you are a fabulous writer. I will say this, though: I am desperately ready for the cool weather. While I’m still not sure how I will handle the inevitable rush of the next couple months, I am SO happy that the heat is finally melting away from this part of the state. I’ve finally been able to open up the windows and air out the house in the morning without sweating. 🙂

    • Oh thank you! A few of the words in the first paragraph were banging around inside my head that morning, refusing to let up. So, I typed it up mostly one-handed while I fed Bennett! It’s hard to capture the feeling of being warm, yet feeling chilly around the edges, but that’s exactly what October — when it’s acting like it should — feels like to me! November is just downright cold! (You know, when it’s acting like it should…)

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