Happy Baby! Sort of. :)

4 thoughts on “Happy Baby! Sort of. :)

  1. David and I videoed Genevieve for the same reason! It took us a good 4 1/2 minutes before we finally got a smile. On the other hand, she isn’t really smiling on command yet. 🙂 Bennett is such a cutie! Your video log idea thing is a great idea to keep up with the blog. I’ve been doing short ones just so I at least keep pictures going for our family!

    • I have taken a million videos of Bennett, and this is the first where he actually kind of smiled! He has a huge grin now, but I haven’t been able to capture it! I have been impressed with how you’ve continued to post on your blog, even if they are short messages. Just getting the pictures uploaded as quickly as you do is very impressive! And thanks… I think he’s pretty adorable! 🙂

      • When I blog, it’s usually one-handedly while Genevieve is nursing. 🙂 It might be slow, but it’s worked for me so far! It’s one of the reasons the blogs are shorter, but I have time with how much miss Genevieve likes to eat! lol I upload pictures every day or two and attempt to edit them that same day to cut down on too much work at one time (editing is also done while she is nursing). I’m not getting a whole lot else done, though…

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