No People Day

(Shout out to all the introverts out there! Woot!)

Last week was a very difficult one for me. It was difficult in large part just because I’ve officially entered the uncomfortable leg of my pregnancy. I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping. I had two really, really terrible nights of extremely little sleep, and the rest were just so-so. Lack of rest–and probably hormones; let’s just be honest–definitely intensified the stress of what ultimately turned into an overly social week for me. By Thursday night, I was a hot mess. Friday morning, I groggily declared to myself and to my husband that it would be a No People Day.

No People.←

There had been too many people already.  Every single day had had people in it, and it was exhausting.

You see, for the introvert, social activities are more draining. This doesn’t mean we don’t like people or that we don’t want to see our friends and family. This just means that if we’re doing that all the time, and we’re not getting the alone time needed to refresh and recharge, we’ll come to our breaking point. It’s kind of the same as the extrovert being forced to sit at home alone for a week. I, the introvert, would welcome a week like that. The extrovert would go crazy. So we’re really the same, just opposite! God made us both.

So yes, I needed a No People Day on Friday. It was lovely! I wasted a lot of time, sure, because I was so sleep deprived. But I also got to do a little (sadly, non-novel) writing and some reading. Caught up a little on tasks that had been left undone. Totally ignored my phone any time it rang (such freedom! I didn’t even look!), and made no plans with anybody. That is how an introvert recharges. I felt so much better by the end of the day!

And now I’m ready for people again, because I *do* love my people! If my No People Day affected you–as in you got ignored for a little while–it is not personal! If you were one of my people in my full o’ people week–as in you and I hung out at some point and now you’re feeling a little lousy and, frankly, a little grumpy at me–it is not personal! I’ll say it again: I love my people. I’m just an introvert. I made the mistake of not saying no or of not choosing a better day a couple of times. That’s my own fault for filling up my own schedule the way I know I shouldn’t have.

If you’re an introvert, be encouraged. It’s okay to say no sometimes. Don’t let yourself reach your breaking point.

And to finish up a very rambling post, here’s something awesome I found:

(You can get this design on a T-shirt, but it sure seems like it would draw a lot of attention to the introvert wearing it…)

2 thoughts on “No People Day

  1. I love this post, Angela! I, too am an introvert. Should we start a club? A support group for each other or for those who don’t understand the real meanings of introvert vs. extrovert? 🙂 Kidding aside, many extroverts who I know have at one point or another tried to convince me that being an extrovert is good (social and friendly), and being an introvert is bad (anti-social and selfish). Your definition of an introvert is exactly the one I try to explain to them. Why does one have to be labeled bad, the other good? You are exactly right, introverts love people, too–we just re-charge our emotional and mental energy by taking some time to be alone and think, read, write, etc. Extroverts, on the other hand, gain energy from being around other people and don’t need (or want) much or any alone time. When I was busy feeling ashamed of myself for being potentially perceived (and in my estimation, misunderstood) as anti-social or at least socially ‘abnormal’ in some way if I said no to an invitation or wanted to leave a party early sometimes, or go in my own room while on a vacation or visit with friends or family, I felt somehow that there was something wrong with me as a person for that reason. However, when I finally found someone who educated me on the perfectly natural differences between the introvert and extrovert, explaining to me that neither was really a better way to approach life than the other, I started to listen to my own needs (as you also mention) and recognize when I needed some time off to recharge. So–good for you, I’m glad you gave yourself a much-needed day off! 🙂

  2. I don’t even think I’m an introvert, but I must be at least part introvert because some times I want these days too! lol. After being at Cedar Point Monday with thousands of people I got very easily aggravated with people at work on Tuesday. I realized it was because I was just kind of tired of seeing people! (at least people I didn’t know).

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