I Have an Announcement!

I no longer have a Wal-Mart cell phone! No, I didn’t get a smarty-pants phone, or a phone made just for “i,” but it definitely came from the cell phone store! And guess what?





I’ve never had a cell phone that could take pictures before. That’s just neato. Now my little wiggle-worm’s sonogram face is my phone wallpaper; how awesomely cool.

OH! And I can receive pictures without having to go online to access your “Multimedia Message” by typing in the longest, most random code of numbers, letters, and symbols ever! (By the way, I usually just didn’t. I’ve missed a lot of pictures you’ve sent over the years… sorry.)

AND ANOTHER THING! I have a qwerty keypad on my phone. It’s taking some getting used to, because I have spent the last–I don’t know, 12-13 years or so?–texting on the regular phone keypad with T9 predictive text. (I am awesome at it, by the way.) I’m catching on pretty quickly to the tiny keyboard, since I’m obviously very familiar with the regular keyboard, but I have never typed with just my thumbs before… It’s weird. But cool!!!

All in all, I feel pretty darn fancy right about now.

2927349 Alternate View 2

(It’s pink!)

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