I Hope I Don’t Die!

Today is the day. It’s my 28-week OB appointment… the evil one. The one I’ve been dreading since the very beginning. They’re going to draw blood — a lot of blood.

You see, I sometimes pass out when I have my blood drawn. Not always; usually only when the blood draw-er really stinks at it, or when the blood draw-er doesn’t believe me and take necessary precautions when I tell him or her that I’m prone to passing out, or both. I’ve had some horrible experiences, including waking up from a blood-drawing-induced fainting spell temporarily paralyzed.

Still, I try to keep a stiff upper lip. I don’t always pass out, so I focus on that. Maybe I won’t this time, either. Sometimes the person drawing the blood is competent and listens to me. So they let me lie down, and I just look away and sing a song in my head. If they’re good at it, I barely notice it. Sometimes I’m a champ.

Sometimes, like last time I got my blood drawn at the OB, they don’t listen. They don’t let me lie down. They don’t know how to find the really obvious vein in my arm, even though that’s their only job in the world. Sometimes, it’s a horrifying experience.

I’m really scared. But, I have sugary juice to drink beforehand, so maybe that will cheer me up?


(P.S. “You just wait until delivery” comments are not remotely encouraging or helpful. I know that will be awful, too. Let’s just please not talk about it!)


6 thoughts on “I Hope I Don’t Die!

  1. I hate it too!!! Would eating some crackers before, during and after help? I will be praying that you have a fabulous blood draw-er:) and it goes smoothly!

  2. Please insist that they let you lay down. You have every right to tell them that you have to lay down. I, too, almost always faint during blood draws, and I always told the person that I had to lay down, especially at my glucose test after fasting. If they hesitate to comply, just speak to them like they are one of your students. You know what you need; they just want to rush through their job. Oh, and I hated the glucose test drink, but I don’t like orange drinks unless it’s real orange juice. And, it made me nauseous. Not good for trying to prevent passing out. Take a snack and water with you to eat on your way out. That will help. You’ll do great!!!

  3. The red drink tastes like Hawaiian Punch. The orange one tastes like orange soda without the carbonation. I much prefer the orange. Perhaps I have consumed way too many of these drinks. I always wonder about the logic of infusing a woman who may have gestational diabetes with that amount of sugar. The goal is afterall to keep your blood sugar in range so that it doesn’t cause a problem for baby. Surely there’s another way to test… (Just a little rambling to distract from the blood draw if possible.) Praying!

  4. The drink was okay. Even though I knew it would be sugary, the first taste really surprised me. It ended up making me really sick, though! That coupled with my nerves made me a mess when I got to the doctor! They did let me lie down in a patient room, gave me crackers and peanut butter along with a cup of water, and talked me through it. I was a champ this time! (It helped that she found my vein right away.) After it was over, I still felt fine, so the doctor said, “All right, time for your Rho-gam shot! Sorry.” It generally was a bummer of an appointment, but I survived! I didn’t pass out!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your awful experiences. I too faint if I don’t lie down for that. But luckily, as soon as I tell that to the nurse, they quickly provide a gurney or a medical bed that I can lie down. Ever since I found that out (that lying down keeps me from fainting), I was refused it when I asked for it. Actually, the nurses are usually very concerned, and they keep checking if I am OK during and after my blood is drawn.
    Maybe that’s a difference between the brazilian health system and the american’s, I don’t know.
    But I hope it all went all, and that you’re OK now.

    • It did go well; they were very kind about everything and even brought me peanut butter and crackers. Like I said, it’s not that way every time I go, just sometimes. I’ve moved around a lot, so it’s usually a new place every time. I’m so proud of how well I did, especially because I had to have a shot right after having my blood drawn! I felt like a million bucks afterward just because I didn’t even get woozy. 🙂

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